Creating Images

ART 140, Drawing 1, Assignment 1 OnlineFor our first week please watch these videos about art making and the visual design process:A basic video explaining the importance of composition and how to communicate through images in art: addition, I would like you to watch an episode from an excellent series called Abstract; the Art of Design.  It is available on Netflix and some of the episodes are on YouTube.  We are going to watch Season 1, Episode 1, Christoph Niemann.The YouTube link is: watching the videos, please go to discussion on Classes, (Activities—Discussions) and answer these questions:Which elements in image making do you find most compelling; line, shape, form, texture?Which organizational principles create images that you respond to most; balance, repetition, variety, simplification, contrast, etc?  You may mention specific images shown in the first video that you really liked.Please write a paragraph reflection on the work of Christoph Niemann.  How do you respond to his working process and the balance between effort and inspiration?Please complete by 2/3.

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Creating Images
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