Crime Mapping

You have recently been asked by the Mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania, to improve the safety of Reading, PA for visitors and residents.  The Mayor would like to have a winter festival next year.  However, there has been a recent increase in criminal activity in the Reading, PA area and the mayor is extremely concerned with how this issue will impact the city’s ability to attract visitors to the area and residents for the proposed winter festival this year.You are tasked with developing a plan (crime prevention program or community policing initiative) to combat this increase using GIS and crime mapping technology.  Specifically, I would like you to use the following software that is available from to an external site.Go to the website crimemapping.comLinks to an external site..  On the left side of the page, you will see “Near a Location.”  Enter “515 Washington Street, Reading, Pennsylvania” in the block and click on the “GO” button.On the middle/right side of the page, you will see “Date Range towards the top.”  Click on the date range and select “Custom Time Range.”  Change the date range to 11/1/20 – 12/31/20 and click on “APPLY.”As you can see, there are over 600 types of crimes that have occurred during this date range.  To gain a more accurate depiction of what types of crimes and the specific times and locations of these crimes, you will need to utilize all of this site’s functions to attain this data.Once you have attained all of the data that you will need for your plan, such as:1. Types of incidents that are the most frequent in the winter months (November 1-December 31).2. The geographical patterns of the incidents (refer to street names).3. Days of the week and times of the most frequent offenses.4. You will then be required to design a detailed plan on how you propose to reduce the various types of crime that are impacting the Reading, PA, area.5. Explain how you can use this technology to prevent future crimes from occurring.You have a lot of flexibility with this assignment; please use any type(s) of technology in addition to the crime mapping website.  Include any maps, pictures, illustrations, and street locations of the various Reading, PA areas that you plan to address.There is no page requirement for this assignment.  However, please remember to address all aspects of this assignment and remember that this is a graduate-level class, and your work should reflect this.RESOURCE:

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Crime Mapping
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