Criminal Justice and Its Processes

1) Watch the video “Mens rea misunderstanding” atThis video is from a movie where actor Gene Wilder misunderstands the term mens rea. Discuss the misunderstanding and the actual meaning of mens rea.Then read the article “Guilty until Proven Innocent” at you agree with the claim that the mens rea requirement is being undermined? What may be the consequences of undermining the mens rea requirement?2) Watch the video “North Dakota first state to let police arm drones with tear gas, Tasers” at Yaroshevsky of the RT news agency reports on the new state law in North Dakota that allows drones to be armed with tear gas and tasers. Discussion: Surveillance drones are attractive so far as they can help authorities’ police rural areas. North Dakota now allows drones to be armed with tear gas and tasers. What are the pros and cons of such use of drones? Where is the line between acceptable/unacceptable drone use?Watch the video “Private Security Firms Cause Concern in the UK” at video discusses issues with private police. Discussion: Do you think the same issues exist in the United States? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of private police in the United States.

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Criminal Justice and Its Processes
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