Current Environmental Issue in Canada

-write a research report on a current environmental issue in Canada.B. Conducting the assignment:1.  Describe the environmental issue and explain why it is important, and if it is improving or getting worse.2. Describe how different levels of governments are dealing with the issue. What  is  the provincial/federal policy on the issue? Have municipalities been involved, and if so, how?Who has been involved in developing this policy (which ministry/interest groups)? Describe which policy instruments are used to address this issue at the various levels of government.3. Describe where the issue is most pressing in Canada (e.g., where its impacts are being felt, or where lack of a policy on the issue is having a negative impact in certain regions), who might be affected byenvironmental policies on this issue, and what their perspectives are.C. Assignment tips- Pick a specific environmental issue/challenge in a specific area. It will be much easier to complete this assignment if you select a specific environmental issue (ex. acid rain) in a specific jurisdiction or location (ex. Kejimkujik National Park) before you start researching and writing.

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Current Environmental Issue in Canada
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