Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development (Academic Plan): Institutional and Unit-Level Influencesprovide your understanding of the internal influencesInstructionCreate a document in preparation for an on-campus college or university interview focused on curriculum. Provide your understanding of the internal influences that you expect to face as you move new courses and programs through the different levels of decision making at the research-based institution. Your knowledge of the internal influences will surely earn you a campus interview. Create a detailed outline that includes your knowledge of the internal influences on curricular decision making.Reading materialChapter 3:Lattuca, L. R. & Stark, J. S. (2009). Shaping the college curriculum: Academic plans in context (2nd ed.). San Franscisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. ISBN-13: 978-0787985554Use other sources, such as peer-reviewed research articles

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Curriculum Development
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