Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Summary of Work:• Research user activities from the purview of daily system connections made to ICT platform(s) • Research differences in internal and external connections and types of use• Research ICT user classifications and roles • Research the different types of ICT platforms and ecosystemsDeliverables:1. Provide a synopsis of the current state of affairs in ICT platforms and ecosystems in so far as security is concerned (5 marks)2. Discuss the different types of users in an ICT ecosystem. Try to provide some classifications used in the industry? (5 marks)3. Discuss differences between internal and external access to ICT assets, describing each of these two types (5 marks)4. Create a diagram of an ICT ecosystem that illustrates the main assets in such a composition. Feel free to use your favorite illustration tool and insert it into your document as an image (10 marks)

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Cybersecurity and Risk Management
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