Degrees of Power and Privilege

1) Discuss the varying degrees of power and privilege that different individuals have in American society. Focus on the privileges that are given to dominant groups, which often are invisible. You may choose to identify some of your own invisible privileges that you experience as a member of a dominant status group (white, heterosexual, male, etc.) or non-dominant group (racial-ethnic minority, homosexual/etc, female, etc.)—indeed, even as a non-dominant group member, one always has some priviliges affiliated with that identity. (2) You may alternately, or additionally, engage with other ideas, questions, or thoughts relevant to this chapter’s reading and course content.  If you will, think about the types of questions and discussions that might emerge in a face-to-face class… you may also find some potential discussion prompts in the affiliated chapter powerpoints!

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Degrees of Power and Privilege
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