Descriptive statistics and interpretation | Business & Finance homework help

Think about your learning team’s research question and figure out what data would need to be collected from the sample, so that the organization has the information necessary to solve its dilemms.

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Create a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet with data for the variables that you deem necessary.  The data may come from an existing data set (textbook, online) or it may be data that you pretend to collect from your sample.


Analyze the data with Microsoft® Excel® or other statistical tool(s), including but not limited to:

  • Descriptive stats for each numeric variable (mean, median, standard deviation, etc)
  • Histogram, line graph, etc. for quantitative variables
  • Bar chart, pie chart, etc. for qualitative variables
  • Scatter plot if the data contains two numeric variables in related pairs (i.e. a particular person’s age and income)

Determine the appropriate descriptive statistics.

  • For normally distributed data use the mean and standard deviation.
  • For significantly skewed data use the median and interquartile range.

Use the Individual Methodology Findings Templateas a guide to complete the descriptive statistics.

Use the sample papers that you will find in my discussion post below as a guide for how to analyze the statistics


Format your paper consistent with APA and UoPX writing guidelines for this level course.  THE PAPER MUST EXPLICITELY STATE YOUR RESEARCH QUESTION.


Submit both the spreadsheet and the paper to the Assignment Files tab.