Deviant Youth

Prior to writing this essay, there is some advance work you will need to do: 1. Please go to the link below and listen to the apx. thirty-seven  minute podcast. This interview features Nell Bernstein, author of a book titled Burning Down the House (2014) which discusses juvenile detention facilities. As a social worker who has worked in one of these facilities previously, these pieces are near and dear to my heart and I can attest that I have witnessed some similar experiences.”>

<a  (Links to an external site.)   2. Please go to the link below and listen to the podcast/read an excerpt from Daniel Siegel's book, Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain (2013).  This will provide some of the biological context when considering the social context from the previous interview:  (Links to an external site.) 3.  Please synthesize these two pieces and place them in the context of what you have learned in this course thus far. Some questions to consider: How does our society view and label deviant youth? How is this socially constructed? Is there a theory on deviance which seems to fit here? Do our policies for youth make sense, given what we know about their brain development? How would a conflict theorist view these issues? Do power and control come into play here?  If so, how? **Quality responses will have the following characteristics: 1. A minimum of 1,000 words (approximately three pages)-10 points 2. Integration of online discussion/lecture, notes/handouts and/or other readings-30 points 3. Integration of personal values, views and philosophies-20 points 4. Include in-text citations when appropriate (at a minimum please cite the course text as well as the assigned readings, podcasts, etc.)-10 points 5. Free of grammatical/spelling errors and typos-10 points 6. Demonstration of critical thinking and significant thought regarding the journal topic-20 points Rubric: Student demonstrates a high degree of critical thinking and significant thought. Paper is free of grammatical/spelling errors and typos Course text is included as an in-text citation. Integration of personal perspective, views and philosophies is significant. Integration of online discussion/lecture, notes/handouts, course text and/or other readings is significant. Paper is three pages or more.

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Deviant Youth
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