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Dewey Company uses the weighted average method in its process costing system. The first processing department, the Welding Department, started the month with 15,000 units in its beginning work in process inventory that were 20% complete with respect to conversion costs. The conversion cost in this beginning work in process inventory was $19,200. An additional 86,000 units were started into production during the month. There were 13,000 units in the ending work in process inventory of the Welding Department that were 60% complete with respect to conversion costs. A total of $575,360 in conversion costs were incurred in the department during the month. The cost per equivalent unit for conversion costs is closest to: Select one: a. $6.690 b. $6.400 c. $6.206 O d. $5.812 In job-order costing, all of the following statements are correct with respect to labor time and cost except: Select one: a. labor cost that can be traced to a job only with a great deal of effort is treated as part of manufacturing overhead. b. a machine operator performing routine annual maintenance work on a piece of equipment would charge the maintenance time to a specific job. O c. the job cost sheet for a job will contain all direct labor charges to that particular job. d. time tickets are kept by employees showing the amount of work on specific jobs.