Diabetic Foot Screening

PICOT Question ( For patients seen in the ambulatory primary care clinic, with type II diabetes, does the use of comprehensive foot examination impact the number of patients with early identification of circulatory issues requiring intervention compared to current practice in 8-10 weeks timeframe?  Purpose Evidence-Based Intervention (Start the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Table) Key elements for the paper: Practice Question: ☐ The PICOT question is clear and accurate       The following practice question will serve as the basis for the DNP project proposal.        ☐  Population (specific) and Site (specific)       ☐  Intervention is clear, and endorser (CDC) is identified       ☐  Comparison (if needed)       ☐  Outcome is identified and congruent with population and intervention       ☐  Timeframe is clear (can be up to 12 weeks) Purpose: ☐  Includes overarching aim (Purpose) followed by 3-4 objectives (clear and related).  ☐  Objectives provide specific measurable goals and support the specific aim.  The purpose should be written in a narrative form.  The project objectives should identify (a) major focus of intervention, (b) interdisciplinary approach – if applicable, (c) the need for Informed Consent – if applicable, (d) use of champions or facilitators – if applicable. Example: The DNP practice improvement project aims to XXXX.  The following objectives support the aims of the project: (a) xxx, (b), xxx, (c) xxx. Evidence-Based Intervention: Should begin with a clear statement:  The DNP project intervention involves…. XXX. ☐  Provides a full elaboration explaining exactly what evidence-based change will be implemented  ☐  Use of Level II and III headings to identify specific components of the intervention, including evidence to support the use of the intervention.       ☐  Describe informed consent (if applicable)

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Diabetic Foot Screening
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