Digital Transformation

Report of digital transformation.Instructions:❖  Industry sector in which you will work upon : Transportation (passenger-oriented) and/or delivery sectors❖ Get familiar with the major points, perform research and identify a major new technology / innovation that can significantly transform a businesses within that industry❖ Suggestions:▪ Digitalisation / Electrification of passenger vehicles (electric & hybrid cars)▪ Autonomous vehicles (project level of Tesla, Google Car, etc.)▪ New services for passengers (ex. Carsharing services like Uber, Blabla car, Lyft)▪ Smart City initiatives (shared electrical vehicles, scooters, bikes, etc.)▪ Optimization of charging stations / infrastructure for electric passenger vehicles▪ Delivery services (ex. Uber eats, Wolt, Deliveroo, etc.)❖ Put together a plan for how to transform a business, including technical and market strategies, organization and culture.❖ Submit a 5 pages written project description, business plan & strategy.❖ Report: • Clearly articulate the overall vision of the project. Write a short paper (5 pages) summarizing overall strategy and execution plan.• Spend time working out overall implementation of firstphase(s) of the project, including market, development, sales channels, and marketing plan.• What is the disruptive or incremental nature of your project?• How will project change the landscape in the industry over time?• Convince us that you both have a compelling strategy and that you have the ability to execute your first phase in a timely manner

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Digital Transformation
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