Disaster Management

1. Develop a PowerPoint presentation based on a disaster agent of your choice.2. Identify learning outcomes for the presentation.3. Identify & define the disaster agent.4. Discuss factors affecting scope and/or severity of the disaster.5. Pre-Disaster Mitigation Efforts: Discuss strategies to assist individuals, families, groups, communities, or populations in preparing for and minimizing health consequences of emergencies/disaster.6. Preparedness: Evaluate how the disaster might impact the community. Discuss how education, outreach and training can build capacity to respond to and recover from the disaster7. Response: Discuss potential immediate threats presented by the disaster such as life threatening injuries, humanitarian needs, cleanup, damage assessment, and the start of resource distribution. Discuss the role of the community health nurse during the impact phase include situation/client assessment, planning, interventions (include safety measures that must be taken to protect clients from further injury/ exposure and to provide safety for nurses and other workers).8. Identify what agencies are available as resources to you and your community and how will these agencies link together?9. Recovery: Identify one short term phase and one long term phase recovery strategy.10. Include scholarly resources to support presentation with reference page.

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Disaster Management
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