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Week 4 Discussion

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Before beginning work on this week’s discussion forum, please review the link “Doing Discussion Questions Right,” the expanded grading rubric for the forum, and any specific instructions for this week’s topic.

The discussion assignment consists of two parts. Select one of the questions for Part 1 and answer Part 2.

By the due date assigned, submit your answers to Part 1 and Part 2 to this Discussion Area. Post the answers to both parts in one thread. Label your answers Part 1 and Part 2, but do not repeat the scenario text in your responses. Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the week as possible. You should review and critique the work of other students as outlined in the expanded rubric by the end of the week.

Discussion Question Part 1

Select one of the scenarios listed below and explain the best solution for each. Include comments related to any ethical issues that arise. You should locate at least one scholarly source from the SUO Library or one case that has been decided or is currently pending to support your answer.

Scenario I – Debtor Creditor

In partnership with American Express, Porter Cable requests that all employees at the rank of supervisor and above apply for a corporate credit card to be used for pay for travel, training and similar expenses.   Ima Krimnel, the manager of the distribution center, was issued a corporate card and used it to take her husband to Hawaii for their 20th wedding anniversary.

  • If Krimnel does not pay the charges, is Porter Cable liable? Why or why not?

Scenario 2—Secured Transactions

After receiving a promotion to logistics manager, Shantil’s husband, Ashton, purchased a 2017 BMW SUV for $68,000; however, he financed $48,000 through First Florida Banc. The bank took a security interest in the vehicle. Ashton was out of town for work when Shantil found out he had been having an affair. Shantil took a baseball bat and broke the windows and put dents in the BMW.  Shantil then dropped the car off at the girlfriend’s apartment.  Ashton was furious. After taking the car to a body shop for repairs, Ashton was unable to pay the bill due to the divorce, so he negotiated terms with the body shop; however, the shop retained possession of the vehicle.   The repair shop claimed a lien on the car for services and materials in the amount of $21,250.  Ashton stopped making payments to the bank while he was trying to save money to pay off the repair.  First Florida Banc claimed priority. 

  • Discuss the rights of each party and determine which party is in the best position to prevail.

Discussion Question Part II

Based on the business you started in Week 1, answer the following questions in one to two paragraphs. Use laws, examples or cases to support your response.

  • Consider the product or service you selected in Week 2. Describe how you plan to structure extension of credit to your customers to ensure the most protection for your company in the event the customer falls behind on payments or files for bankruptcy.  Assume that your business will offer some type of credit arrangements even if you do not have plans to offer the credit option.
  • What type(s) of insurance policies will you need for your business? Identify a company located in your state that can supply at least one of the insurance policies you will need.

Product or Service for Coffee Kettle Week 2


Discussion Question – Part two

            There is one main liability issue that is in the food and beverage industry and that is selling things that are past their expiry date. This is something that is actually checked by the quality control officers and it can be a very big issue if customers could complain or if it is found out that your company actually sells expired food, (West, 2017). This is mainly the main product liability in Coffee Kettle. This can be avoided by constantly checking that food is not expired and not buying in excess. In this company UCC is normally applied when people change ownership of shares and transfer funds to the new owners, (Anderson, 2018).

            With free on board shipping, the buyers own the goods when shipping them while with free on board destination the buyers own the good when they receive them. The advantages of FOB destination are that the buyer is not held responsible for any loss, damage and does not incur shipping costs. The disadvantage is that ones the goods are on board the sellers cannot recover any loss. The advantage of FOB shipments is that they are cost effective and quite affordable. The disadvantage is that the buyer incurs all the shipping costs and damages, (Price, 2017). The shipping term I plan to use is FOB destination. It might be a little bit expensive but at least you only pay for the goods you deliver.