Early Childhood Education in Arizona

2B. Observation Critical Thinking Questions (NAEYC 1(b), 2(a-c), 4(a, d), 7(a)) YOU MUST HAVE WORKED OR TAUGHT CHILDREN TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS….THIS ASSIGNMENT IS WORTH 100PTS OF MY GRADE.  IT MUST BE FACTUAL BASED.  I WILL GIVE A ONE STAR IF IT IS NOT CORRECT AND I WILL NOT PAY THE FULL AMOUNT….PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU HAVE NOT WORKED WITH CHILDREN IN THE PAST Keep the format the same.  Answer the question under the questions Video Play in Early Childhood: The Role of Play in Any Setting: https://developingchild.harvard.edu/resources/play-in-early-childhood-the-role-of-play-in-any-setting/   Answer the following questions in detail, be sure to include relevant examples which showcased your understanding of the developmentally appropriate practices occurring in the video.   LOOK THIS UP IF YOU HAVE TO   1. Describe the three core principles which outline how to help children and families thrive.   2. How do these  principles enhance the development of a child?   3.Identify and describe the social/emotional aspects and relationships that benefit from play-based learning opportunities.    4. What are examples of the complex thinking that can occur during play-based learning opportunities?  5.. Specifically, what do you plan to do to extend the learning opportunity for your students based on what you have learned from the video?

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Early Childhood Education in Arizona
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