Economic Environments and Risk Mitigation

Overview: This milestone will help you complete Sections II and III of the final project.Prompt: Develop a report that analyzes one company’s approach to multinational expansion. Include financialfactors such as economic environments andmarket conditions, risk mitigation strategies, and ethical and legal practices.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:II. Economic Environments and Market ConditionsC. Explain the role of international financial markets and institutions in global environments in evaluating their impact on the company’s riskmanagement strategies.D. Analyze impacts of exchange rate on the company’s performance for determining if a loss occurred because of fluctuations or devaluations offoreign currencies. Provide examples from the past year to support your claims.III. Risk Mitigation: Examine sources of risk and risk reduction methods available to multinational corporations. Use the 2007–2008 annual report and themost current annual report to support responses in this section.B. Discuss risks and financial factors associated with exchange rates and interest rates for assessing how they inform the company’s financialmanagement approaches.C. Discuss diversification in the company’s expansion model for examining advantages or disadvantages, and provide examples and financialinformation from the past year to support claims.D. Discuss company strategies before and after the 2007–2008 crisis for determining possible reasons for the company’s current financialperformance. Provide examples to support your claims.

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Economic Environments and Risk Mitigation
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