Economics in United States

1.) Analyze reasons for income inequality by evaluating past and current economic and public policies of the United States. 2.) Research and examine primary and secondary sources for data that describes the causes and effects of income inequality in the United States. 3.) Write a five-paragraph essay complete with a thesis statement, three supporting paragraphs, and a summary. – In this project, you will write a five-paragraph essay discussing income inequality in the United States. Consider the reasons for income inequality: • education, which enables those who are better-educated to get higher-paying jobs • wealth, which gives the wealthy educational advantages, business opportunities, and income from investments • discrimination, which favors men over women and white Americans over minorities ability, which explains discrepancies between highly paid actors or athletes and those not as successful in those high-paying professions • monopoly power, which enables certain groups of workers to demand higher wages because there are a limited number of people available for particular jobs Research the issues you want to include in your essay. In this writing project, you will explore the writing process, how to generate ideas, identifying and writing for your audience, and putting your ideas in order. Finally, you’ll write and make changes to your draft before submitting your final project.

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Economics in United States
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