Emotional intelligence only for astro-tutor

I worked as a reservation agent at Fairmont hotel in Saudi Arabia. My task was to answer and make reservations through phone calls. There was this one situation when a coworker insulted me using invasive choice of vocabulary that is not acceptable to be used in a civilized society. As an act of defense, I transferred the customer I was serving to another line and left my cubical to file a complain against her. Therefore, we were directed to meet the vice president of the human resource department for an investigation. The vice president was direct, forward and always having eye contact. He requested from us to restate our parts of the incident. I realized that he was studying our body language and facial expression .the sad part was that my coworker was denying ever insulting me. This kind of act made the way for the vice president to know the truth and resolve the conflict a little bit complicated. However, he proved to me that he was a great leader because from my point of view he already knew who was dishonest.

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During the investigation, he gave us the impression that we were easily replaceable. After he let the fact that we are replaceable sink in our heads. He declared that we both would be fired if none of us came forward. Two minutes later, my coworker stated that she needs her job and will admit that she offended me even though she didn’t do so.

            The vice president dismissed her and I made the worst mistake ever. I smiled my victory smile and was dismissed with a warning for misconduct behavior due to the fact that I transferred my client to another coworker.  At that moment I thought that the vice president was unfair for making me sign the warning form. However, after reading the assigned chapter for this class I understand that he did the right thing. He was indeed a great example of a great leader with high emotional intelligence.


Therefore, emotional intelligence is to understand your emotions and the others’. Also, be able to control and direct those emotions to achieve your goals whether it’s for signing a contract with business partners or resolving conflict between employees. For example, the vice president was very good at controlling the amount of emotion he was showing us to the point that we were never able to predict his next move. Also, he was able to direct my coworker emotions to fear for her job while directing my emotions by making me show how I really felt when I was proven to be true yet arrogant by my victory. As a result, he gave me a small punishment so my arrogance doesn’t take over and show off the fact that I won.


From this experience I understand that emotional intelligence is necessary for leaders to succeed and lead. After two years from that incident, the vice president was given an offer of a higher position in the Four Season Hotel, which he gladly took. This is a foolproof that with leadership traits and emotional intelligence you can be where ever you aim to be.