Employee Development Plan

For this assignment, you will be developing/creating a personalized employee development plan. The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think more about where you currently are, where you hope to go, and how to achieve your goals.In order to effectively complete this assignment, do the following:Review the video, in its entirety, below. (I’ve included the transcript attached). Provide a detailed summary of the content provided throughout Sections 1-3.Section 1: Setting the StageSection 2: Making the Plan, Working the PlanSection 3: Managing the Emotional JourneyExplain how the information learned, in each section, will help you to achieve your goals and become a stronger HR professional.Finally, in the Lynda video, under Exercise Files, download the Ex_Files_Human_Resources_Hero.zip and open the Vision Mission Wksht.pdf file titled, “Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals Worksheet.”Explain why you included the information that you did and what is most important to you, in terms of the content provided on this worksheet. Attach this worksheet to your assignment file upload.

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Employee Development Plan
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