Employee Turnover

Consider the following situation and prepare a maximum 10-slide, narrated presentation to an executive management team.Please put in the notes what to say for each slide -for voice over for each slideYour presentation should include:Reasoning as to why the high turnover should be a concernYour ideas to gather employee satisfaction data and budget for this taskA sample plan for retention with and additional budget of $120,000You work at a small private health clinic in Chicago. Your organization’s turnover has exceeded the industry norm by 10% for two years in all areas, including medical staff and administrative staff. Numbers of employees and average salary are as follows:Receptions, check-in desk: 22; $32,000Accounting, Marketing: 8; $49,000Administrative management: 5; $82,000Executive management team: 4; $103,000Doctors: 28; $173,000Nurses: 122; $67,000Nurse assistants: 53; $39,000You realize that something needs to be done to address the turnover issue. Currently, employees are paid on a banded scale and are not offered bonuses or profit-sharing options. Besides pay, your organization does not offer other tangible incentives.In recent exit interviews, employees, particularly nursing assistants, have said they don’t see room for growth and complain of harsh treatment from their administrative managers and doctors. While they feel the pay is fair, some complained they had not received a pay raise in five years or more. Another complaint heard often is the lack of communication and socializing amongst co-workers. Although you feel this data is good, you do not want to base overall employee satisfaction on a few exit interviews.Please put in the notes what to say for each sildes -for voice over for each slide

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Employee Turnover
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