Enterprise Firewalls

Enterprise Firewalls – Configuring a pfSense Firewall on the Client Information security personnel need to have an in-depth understanding of network defense concepts and techniques, including firewalls. In this assignment you apply your knowledge of how firewalls protect information assets against attacks traversing internal and external enterprise networks. 1. Describe briefly what you have learned about configuring a pfSence firewall on the client. 2. Create a diagram depicting how a firewall system can be effectively integrated into a typical enterprise network. Note: There can be multiple devices in a well-protected network.  Explain the rationale for device placement(s). The network should include: Switches. Router(s). Server(s). Firewall(s). DMZ. Compare and contrast the primary features of pfSense and Windows Defender firewalls. Explain why one firewall may be more appropriate than the other for a large enterprise network.

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Enterprise Firewalls
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