Ethical Issues

Most of the ethical issues that arise in negotiation are concerned with standards of truth telling – how honest, candid, and disclosing a negotiator should be. Individuals must decide (according to one or more of the ethical theories presented in Lesson 9) when they should tell the truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) as opposed to engaging in some behavior short of telling the truth. The attention here is more on what negotiators say (communicate about) or what they say they will do (and how they say it) than on what they actually do (although negotiators may act unethically as well). Utilizing the LIRN database, or any other form of media, choose a fictitious or real negotiation where it was evident the negotiators were acting unethically and explain, referencing what you learned in the text, which ethical theory and/or theories you feel they demonstrated. Once you have identified the base of their unethical behavior provide a brief summary of techniques you would have used had you been on the receiving end of that negotiation. (Reference Lesson 9) Instructor Note: This assignment can be somewhat subjective so don’t get wrapped up in too much detail trying to cure the unethical behavior. I’m looking for your ability to identify, categorize, and counter if put in this type of situation. 2. Negotiations in which the outcomes are negatively framed tend to produce fewer concessions, reach fewer agreements, and perceive outcomes as less fair. Utilizing the LIRN database, or any other form of media, choose a fictitious or real negotiation that was clearly framed negatively and discuss your perception of what concessions, agreements, or perceived outcomes resulted. Then discuss how you could have used that negatively framed negotiation to your benefit utilizing techniques provided in Lesson 10. (Reference Lesson 10) —- 2 questions with 500 words each

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Ethical Issues
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