Evaluating Information

All students need to choose a topic relating to some kind of current subject/event (something that is currently “in the news”).  You must choose a topic that is personally important to you. Then, you must find 4 distinct sources of information on the same subject/event.  (1) One example of “fake news”; (2) One example of a source which contains some factual inaccuracies; (3) One example of an editorial or “opinion” piece; (4) one example of secondary analysis.  There is some overlap between the last three types of sources, so your task will be to focus on the relevant information that puts the information in the correct category.  You will provide a bibliographic entry for each source, along with a functional link or a copy of the source. You will then write a brief description of each source (250-300 words per source) which explains why it is in the relevant category. Then you will include a 1-2 page analysis of the subject, in which you “present the facts” and also provide your own subjective analysis.  You should explicitly consider why you chose the topic that you did, and what that choice says about your own “positionality” vis-à-vis your topic.

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Evaluating Information
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