Family Politics

Issues related to family are both personal and political.  Much of our personal, familial and intimate lives and relationships is regulated by the larger society.  Our politicians are constantly proposing legislation that may affect us and our families.  This has become even more apparent during these last few moths with a global pandemic and US protests over the killing of George Floyd and larger issues of police brutality, racism, and social inequality, as we have watched the President, federal government, Congress, governors and mayors enact policies, or in many cases fail to enact policies or plans, and our families have been affected in many ways from jobs, health, education, housing, and more  In general, some examples are policies, laws or patterns on access to testing, birth control, abortion rights, immigration, deportation, who can marry, who can serve in the military, healthcare, higher education policies, police shootings, funding to social services programs such as food stamps, Head Start, Meals on Wheels, bathroom policies, gun control/gun rights debates, and the list goes on.  Look online to find an issue related to family that is currently in the news.  Why is it making news, who does this issue affect, and who supports/opposes it?  Write a brief post about your topic answering these questions and tell why you think it is an important issue to watch

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Family Politics
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