Fast track venture case study

The Project BriefThe task is as follows:
2. Identify some businesses in an area, such as fast food, new software development, new products, or new technology.3. Carefully identify a group of firms that have successfully scaled and find some similar firms that have not scaled. If possible have some winners and losers in each group. Make the comparators as similar as possible (that is do NOT have an Indian firm compared to a US firm).4. Pick out two or three really interesting comparators that must include a firm that has successfully scaled (scaling) and one that has not.5. Share your topic and case names to ensure that there is no overlap in all the names. I do not want or appreciate multiple teams researching the same case, but sharing the same industry is fine.6. Research the companies and talk to the executives.7. Write a short case history of each company that you studied that describes its history and how it went around scaling the idea (or not as the case can be).8. KEY: Write a short but pithy analysis of the factors that you identify to be important in this case that explain why scaling happened and the key success factors. In your analysis you need toa. identify the questions you will try to answerb. give us insight into the answers to these questions3c. Carefully gather evidence that supports your claims based on the cases that you have researched (and may be other stories).d. Note when writing the analysis, you must make clear links with your cases using things such as quotes or tables. Do not say “it seems that” without explaining in detail.Suggested marking scheme:Selection of interesting cases with clear reasons (10%)

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