Feed your Eyes

Select a documentary to analyze.I invite you to pick a film among these:* “I am Not Your Negro” – available on Kanopy* “Coup 53” – available online* “The Dissident” – available onlineIn your assignment, identify the producers, directors and top funders.  Is it a sponsored film?* What is the filmmaker’s background?* Who is the intended audience for the film?* Where was it shot?* Whattechniques did the filmmakers use to tell the story? A personal journey? An issue-oriented approach? An investigation?* Note any distinctive visual or aural elements that stood out for you, such as animation, re-enactment, etc.Next, research at least 3 film reviews from the press – Rotten Tomatoes is ok by the way. Variety, NYTimes, LA Times, and other publications are “influencers.”What did the reviewers note as the film’s strengths and weaknesses?Who wrote testimonials and what did they say?Finally, review the film in your own words.  What is your verdict on the film? 

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Feed your Eyes
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