Fin 343 firm analysis project (spring 2015) assigned company: see

FIN 343

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Analysis Project

(Spring 2015)

Assigned Company: see listPrimary Competitor: see listUse data fromYahoo!Finance, the company’s annual report, CRO magazine, andForbes Magazine to complete the following. Assignment:Conduct analy

sis of both companies (assigned firm and its competitor) to determine whether you agree with Forbes Magazine

’s assessment that your assigned firm is one of the “best firms to work”. Provide a report which highlights your analysis. It should include at least three (3) areas where you agree with Forbes Magazine and three (3) areas in whichthe firm can improve. Your rationale should be based upon your comprehensive analysisof your assigned company, its competitor, and its industry.


(approximately5-10 pages of narrative):


(1)Executive Summary (15pts).Summarize your analysis. Include at least three (3) areas where you agree with Forbes Magazine (“best firm to work”) and three (3) areas in whichthe firm can improve.How would you rate thecompany’s overallfinancial position, as compared to its competitor; and what do investors think about thecompany, as compared to its competitor


(2)Industry Overview and Analysis (10pts).What is the industry outlook for the firms? How does each company compare to the industry? a)Each company’s market share or market position.b)How current economic conditions impact these companies

.c)Overall perception (leadership, goodwill, social responsibility,

and employee relations) of each company

.d)Future outlook of each company. e)Market Ratios(also, compare to industry averages)Price / Earnings Ratio Price / Book Ratio(3)Ratio Analysi


. Conduct and report on the 3 year trend for your company anditscompetitor using the most recent 3 years of annualfinancialstatements

.Compare and contrasteach company for the following ratios

. Discuss the meaning of each ratio

. Identify which company is performing betterand why

. Provide chartsand graphsto summary your findings.a.Liquidity RatiosCurrent Ratio Quick Ratio or acid test b.Solvency RatiosTotal Debt to Equity RatioTimes Interest EarnedRatio(if firm does not have interest expense, discuss the meaning or impact)c.Asset ManagementRatiosTotal Asset TurnoverRatioDaysSales in ReceivableRatiod.ProfitabilityRatiosProfitMarginRatioReturn on AssetsRatio


(5)Stock Performance(20pts). Compare and contrast the monthlystock priceperformance of each company over 36months (3 years). Discuss each firm’s standard deviation, coefficient of variance, and beta as it relates to its standard alone and market risk.Provide graphsto summary your findings

.(6)Corporate Social Responsibility(10pts. Discuss any corporate social responsibility (CSP) efforts for each

firm. How would you rate each firm’s level of CSP focus? Do you think the firm’s CSP effortsare helping and hurting stakeholders? Format(5 pts).Submit oneMicrosoft Word file of Adobe (*.pdf) file containing the following:vA cover page that includes your name, the course name and section number, and the school term vA written summary report with narrative, table of contents and page numbers. v

Figures and tables are embedded in the document (not a separate file)

to supplement your discussion

.Do not expect the reader to interpret your figures and tables.The items requested aboveshould be in the order listed. Use the bolded words for each item as a section header before presenting the requested information.

vDo not include extraneous information which does not support your analysisvInclude references, as appropriate

vSubmit report via Blackboard beforethe due date listed in syllabus. Late submissions will receive a zero.