Fin 370 finance for business week 3 dq

(Related to The Business of Life: Higher Education as an Investment in Yourself on page 353) In The Business of Life feature box, the decision to get a college education is discussed in the context of an investment decision. Discuss the analogy in more detail by identifying the initial cash outlay(s) and the future benefits of your investment in higher education.

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(Related to Finance in a Flat World: Entering New Markets on page 390) In the Finance in a Flat World: Entering New Markets feature, we described the importance of thinking globally when making investments. Pick a new product that you have just learned about that is being sold domestically and describe how the product might benefit from international markets.

(Related to Regardless of Your Major: Conflicting Objectives Lead to Problems in Managing a Firm’s Working Capital on page 572) In the Regardless of Your Major feature box we learned that the objectives of a firm’s sales force and the goal of maximizing shareholder wealth are not always in sync when it comes to managing the firm’s working capital. Describe why the sales force might want to have lax credit terms and how this impacts the firm’s investment in working capital.