Final test for corporate finance 571

The Final Exam has 30 questions, all multiple choice, and they are autograded.  There are some questions that are easy, like the definition of working capital or calculating Net Worth when given Assets and Liabilities or what is/isn’t in a strategic plan.  There are quite a few “easy” ratio calculation problems. There is a payback question.  There are some annuity, PV and FV calculations, like if you need to have X dollars by Y date at Z interest rate, how much do you need to save monthly? There is one cost of equity question.  These are similar to the assignment in Week 3. 

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It covers most if not all of the chapters that we read.


Some of these questions are easy, like calculating working capital or net equity given a set of numbers.  


You should either have a spreadsheet available to calculate NPV or YTM or have a financial calculator and know how to use it.  Remember the ones that I’ve previously posted.  

Some problems will need a HP calculator or use of excel spreadsheet to calculate some of the values.  


If you don’t want to buy a financial calculator or don’t already have one (HPIIc or HP 17 BII) did you know you can get a free HP app on your phone?


Or this financial calculator (HP-12c) online and is free to use.




If these don’t work, do a google search and you’ll get other free options.


You have three hours to complete the exam.  Remember that you can have the textbook open in a separate window and use the search function to navigate.  The exam also says it works best if used with the latest version of Google Chrome.  If you have any technical problems while in the exam, call Tech Support right away.  Do not call me as I cannot reset the exam for you and will be unable to do anything useful for you on tech issues. 


Finally, keep a screen shot of your final exam score until I post the Final Exam grades. The system has been known to “lose” results and it would be best to protect yourself with a copy.