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Population experts predict “global gridlock” by mid-century. There are about 800 million vehicles on the roads today. By 2050, the prediction is over 2 billion vehicles on our roadways. Entrepreneurs will have the ability to solve this problem by building a global interconnected transportation system. Which of the following statements puts a marketing perspective on this issue?

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A. Needs and wants are continually changing, and marketers at any particular time are uncovering needs and wants, and filling them with satisfying products and services.

B. The majority of the world’s population will be wealthy enough to support such a system, and will gladly contribute taxes for this effort.

C. Due to population explosion, production capacity will be very limited by 2050, which will make a project of this size realistic to conceive.

D. The marketing concept involves a profit orientation. Economic feasibility always must be satisfied before social responsibility in a marketing environment.

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