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The following problem is similar, but not identical, to the third question in Problem 5.

how to prepare balance sheet from trial balance

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What is the present value (PV) today of a stable perpetuity of $93,000 that starts 3 years from today? The appropriate discount rate is 17% p.a. Round your answer to the nearest dollar. Do not include the $ symbol nor the separating comma, if any. Thus, for example, if the PV is $24,323.55 write 24324 in the answer box.

  • The three problems in the text should be straightforward.
  • We’ll also solve a more challenging set of problems in class. They pertain to perpetuities in which the periodic payments occur once every several years, and whose initial CF may occur at any time (i.e., it does not necessarily occur at t = 1).

Problem 5 - Perpetuities PV of perpetuity with $100,000/yr, starting in yr 1; r = 10% p.a. C = $ 100,000 10% PV = PV of growi

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