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Financial management of health care organizations Drive in Surgery is studying the possibility of opening a satellite center in the far west part of the metro area At a minimum, DISC needs a $190,000 profit at the satellite center to keep to their financing. Based on DISC’s experience at its present surgicenter, the new center would require about $115,950 in fixed costs DISC believes variable costs will be similar to the current center’s total variable costs of $600,300 at 920 procedures Normal net revenue per procedure is $1260 Complete the information and various scenarios below:

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Finance Investment Assignment/ Professional Essay Writers
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(a) What is DISC revenue per procedure?

(b) What is DISC variable cost per procedure?

(c) What is its fixed cost?

(d) What is its profit to meet financing requirements?

(e) what is its procedure breakeven point (no profit)?

(f) procedures required for the needed profit level?

(g) Breakeven net revenue per procedure @ half of the existing center’s volume which is 920 procedures?

(h) The amount of fixed costs (profit at $190,000) needs to be reduced if net revenue cannot be increased and procedures will be at 50% of existing center’s volume?

(i) The amount by which variable cost per procedure can be increased and still make the $190,000 profit if procedures will be 60% of the existing center’s volume?  Get Finance Help Today