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“The Impact of Management’s Control Processes” Please respond to the following:

a. From the e-Activity, compare and contrast each selected company in terms of its controlling process (i.e., internal, external, direct or indirect controls) and quality performance measures. Classify the major differences in the fundamental ways that each MNC controls its operations.

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b. Examine the primary performance measures that each selected company uses in order to control international operations. Make at least one (1) recommendation for improvement. Provide at least two (2) examples that illustrate the benefits of your recommendation(s).

c. This is the e-Activity. Select two (2) companies from Table 11-5: World’s Most Reputable Companies, 2012, located in the text. Use the Internet or Strayer Library to research the management and control processes for each selected company. I selected BMW and Sony. Be prepared to discuss. Get Finance Help Today