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1. Valencia Products makes automobile radar detectors and assembles two models: Laser Stop and Speed Buster. The firm can sell all it produces. Both models use the same electronic components. Two of these can be obtained only from a single supplier.

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Finance Investment Assignment/ Professional Essay Writers
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For the next month, the supply of these is limited to 4,000 of component A and 3,500 of component B. The number of each component required for each product and the profit per unit are given in the table. Components A B Profit/UnitLaserStop 18 6 $24SpeedBuster 12 10 $40″For Valencia Products modify the data in the model to create a problem with each of the following.

a) Identify the decision variables, objective function, and constraints in simple verbal statements.

b) Mathematically formulate a linear optimization model. Get Finance Help Today