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Forum Topic Responses: One comprehensive forum topic response is assigned weekly. Students are required to select and research one of the forum topics listed below using a minimum of 3 reference sources in addition to the textbook and then write a 1,000-word or more response to the forum topic. APA format is required. Also submit your forum topic response to Turnitin.

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Comprehensive forum topic response contributions will be critically graded on the thought quality of the response, work effort, research, APA format, and analysis.






Use APA format – title page, running head, citations (MUST HAVE), references


Do not plagiarize. Quote, paraphrase or summarize the data that you take from a source. Include a citation. Plagiarism will result in a serious loss of points.


Make sure your paper (the text) is 1,000 words or more.


Do not use Wikipedia or Investopedia or any ~pedia sources. The text may be used but will not count toward the required 3 sources.




Select one of the following forum topics to research and write about.


Forum Topics – Chapter 8:  Financial Options and Applications in Corporate Finance (Choose 1 topic from the list below)


-Stock Options (Puts, Call, Spreads, etc.)


-Employee Stock Options


-Stock Option Valuation


-Stock Option Pricing Models