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You are about to take over MoneyPlays Bank, a small but lucrative financial institution. You have hired new staff and are conducting orientation and training. You need to explain financial management risk to the new staff. Using the library and other credible sources, respond to the following regarding factors of financial risk:


· Distinguish between the 3 factors of financial risk as it pertains to the banking industry. Explain each of the following:

· Credit

· Commodity

· Operational risk

· Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion



You are a senior financial consultant for 123 Corporation. Your CEO has asked that you train incoming consultants on financial management and risks.

You develop a lesson plan comparing financial risks of a popular retail clothing company and a utility company to help the trainees better understand risk management.

  • Discuss the differences in risks associated with a retail clothing company versus a utility company.
  • Which company has the potential for higher risk?
  • Identify at least 3 sources of risk.
  • Compare stability and variability in earnings, as well as the optimal debt ratio between the two—which company has the highest, and which has the lowest?
  • Explain your rationale for each of your answers.