Financial Markets

I need an introduction, body, conclusion. The sources I used were not good enough for the assignment. Please try and find more credible ones.Previous Works Cited:Yochim, Dayana, and Kevin Voigt. “Index Funds: How to Invest and Best Funds to Choose.” NerdWallet, 17 Dec. 2020,, Barclay. “5 Tips for Diversifying Your Portfolio.” Investopedia, 14 Dec. 2020,, Moe. “Is Bitcoin A Better Store Of Value Than Gold?” Forbes, 10 Dec. 2019,, Kristina. “Why Financial Literacy Is So Important.” Investopedia, 9 Jan. 2021, have to make a 7 page slideshow, and 1 can be the work cited so please include the following;  introduction, body, conclusion.I had another writer but the sources will most likely result in a failing grade because they are not “credible.” Please swap out some sources for better ones, but include some of the ones I listed.It’s an essay on financial markets. Why I am interested in them and other information related to them of your choosing.

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Financial Markets
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