Financial ratio paper | Business & Finance homework help

(Please hand in the paper and all source materials including summary of web-sites used)

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The intent of this project is to be done in class or class time and takes the place of a formal class on November 19, 2014.


1. Pick a company listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ with easily obtainable financial information.

2. Check out web sites listing financial ratios and try to identify ratios that represent each of the financial categories:

Liquidity: Current ratio, Quick (Acid-Test) ratio, Working Capital, Receivable Turnover Ratio, Inventory turnover ratio, Avg Days in Inventory,

Debt: Debt/Equity, Times Interest Earned

Profitability Ratios: Gross profit ratio, Return on assets, profit margin, asset turnover, return on equity, price/earnings ratio.

Please print screen shots of your findings and label your web-site source (ie. Yahoo finance, Morningstar, etc).

3. Look for ratio summaries or articles on line indicating industry averages and comparisons to competitors. Please print out any source material used in your paper.

4. Type a 1 page summary (double spaced) of the above ratios substantiating your conclusion of whether or not you would purchase the stock and why.