Gilded Age

As part of the American Experience series from PBS, this video showcases a time in American history when the economy was booming, and the United States was emerging as an economic superpower. Take notes as you watch this video and read the accompanying article: One of the rich individuals attending the gala ball mentioned in the video states that “We own America . . . and we intend to keep it if we can.” What do you think he meant by that statement?2.  Describe at least two similarities and two differences between the United States during the Gilded Age and today.3.  One of the speakers in the video posed the question, “are we two nations, the poor and the wealthy? Or, are we one nation where everyone has a chance to succeed?” given current economic inequality, how would you answer that question?4.  How can studying the Gilded Age help policy makers in the United States today?If you search American Experience Gilded age on YouTube, you can find other videos to watch from this series.YouTube URL:

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Gilded Age
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