Global Warming

Purpose  The purpose of this assignment is for me to get to know you as a writer and identify your strengths and weaknesses in writing. This essay will be graded, as you are expected to have met prerequisite writing courses’ requirements and SLOs. Topic Everyone at some time makes claims that are expected to be true. Arguably, for as long as we can remember, humans have lived in a world where truth is asserted or contrasted with other verbal, written, or creative forms of communication. Logic, metaphor, analogies, science, art—potentially all that can be included in a language or a type of language—flies in the face of truth. There are great arguments that deconstruct truth, as well as great arguments that construct it. Beliefs, opinions, and, strangely, facts (or “alternative facts”) are often conflated with truth, and, sometimes, separated from them. In this essay, therefore, your assignment is to tell me what you believe to be true even if you believe that truth cannot be known. Assignment Please respond to the following question with a well-developed thesis that is supported by a few examples or evidence in the body of your essay: What do you believe to be true, and why? Directions Please type 2 pages of double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font.  Please include your name, my name, our course name, today’s date, and an original title, in MLA format. Your essay must include an introduction, a thesis, a body, and a conclusion.

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Global Warming
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