Grant Proposal

Dear Students.HI CLASS,Hope you are all safe and well.Thank you for posting to the Theory Discussion Forum. However, the postings did not address the Discussion Board questions. Please see feedback provided belowThe Discussion Board assignment consisted of two questions that required a response (see bold and underlined question 1 and question 2).Question 1 contained 6 dot points with questions to assisting you identify a theory/model using the Theory at a Glance document as a resource (the assigned reading Week 3). The dot points did not require a response.1.Describe the theory/model relevant to the identified area of need for your grant proposal.To assist you identify a theory/model give thought to the following question(s):What is the emphasis of our project for which you are seeking funding?Is the project to change behavior?To provide information.If the individuals do not change their behavior what will be the negative health outcome?Do they feel susceptible to the negative outcome if they do not change their behavior or adopt the new behavior?Are they ready to change their behavior, or thinking about changing their behavior?As mentioned in the power point slides (Week 3 assigned reading) some of the most common theories/models are listed below and are summarized in the Theory at a Glance document.Health Belief ModelSocial Ecology ModeTheory of Planned BehaviorSocial Cognitive TheoryTranstheoretical Model/Stages of ChangeDiffusion of Innovation Theory2.Write a theoretical perspective section for your research proposal following the script in Chapter 3 p. 59 #4A script for the theory section a project/research study is provided in Creswell Chapter 3 p. 59, which was not followed in the submission in the Discussion Board postings.Script out the theory section.Follow these lead sentences: “The theory that I will use is _____ (name the theory). It was developed by _____ (identify the origin, source, or developer of the theory), and it was used to study _____ (identify the topics where one finds the theory being applied). This theory indicates that _____ (identify the propositions or hypotheses in the theory). As applied to my study, this theory holds that I would expect my independent variable(s) _____ (state independent variables) to influence or explain the dependent variable(s) _____ (state dependent variables) because _____ (provide a rationale based on the logic of the theory).”The Discussion Board submissions included details about the topic of the grant proposals, which was the assignment in Week 3. Please use this information for Section 1 of the grant proposal due 2/14.I will give you all the opportunity to complete the assignment as per the instructions. A Discussion Board will be created for this assignment.R— is the only student who identified a theory – Health Belief Model to be applied in her grant proposal project. Please read her submission, However, the script from Creswell p.59 #4 was not used.Please remember the grant proposal is a document for you to communicate with a funder to request money to implement a project/intervention/provision of services or a research study.The topic or area of interest has to be fundable (convincing the funder to award the money to you for your project). Therefore, think carefully as Section 2 you will describe the activities involved in your project (which is the reason you require the funding to conduct the project activities).

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Grant Proposal
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