Health Policy Model to Develop a Change in Policy

Citations and REFERENCE: O’Grady, D.J.M.D.B.G.F.H.O.E. T. (2020). Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care   Week 1 Project: Writing a Policy Formatting Instructions  Using a Health Policy Model to Develop a Change in Policy to Improve the Public’s Health 1.    7th edition APA is required. Please review the Sample APA Paper in Announcements, as well as the APA Tips.  2.  An introduction to the assignment is required. Ex: Changing healthcare policies or writing new healthcare policies can be challenging. There are models, methods, and regulations that are used when writing or changing policies. The author of this paper will focus on writing a policy for taxing sugared sodas/pop/beverages in y community.  Highlights of the paper will be related to why write a policy for this, arguments for the opposition, getting buy-in, and what stakeholders will be needed to promote my policy. 3.  Use Level 1 headings (centered and in bold letters) to clearly identify the four bullet points. Use the following headings: ·       Making a Case for the Policy ·       Opposition to Policy ·       Getting Buy-In for Policy ·        Stakeholders.  4.  A conclusion is required. A conclusion should refocus the reader to the main points that was discussed in the paper.  5.  Reference page. References are required to be formatted using APA. Review, hanging indentions.  All references are required to be cited within the text.

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Health Policy Model to Develop a Change in Policy
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