Healthcare Communication

Case Studies, Chapter 8, Communication1. You are a nurse caring for a wide variety of patients in a medical-surgical unit. Understanding the importance of effective communication in developing a helping–trust relationship with your patients, you continually strive for optimum communication. Today, you are providing care for a 32-year-old teacher who is blind from birth, and just had surgery for the creation of a temporary colostomy. (Learning Objectives 1 and 4)1. Using Berlo’s description as the template, which aspects of communication are most impacted by this patient’s challenge?2. Which channels of communication are available to facilitate communication in this case?3. Describe how this challenge would impact communication throughout treatment.4. How would your patient’s challenge affect your use of nonverbal communication?5. Outline strategies that could restore effective communication despite the patient’s challenge.6. What is the relationship between communicating with a patient with blindness and the nursing process?

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Healthcare Communication
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