Healthcare Organization

Search for a healthcare organization to conduct the quality management project where you will obtain access to the quality management relevant data. These healthcare organizations can include: Major tertiary hospitals, e.g., university hospitals, specialty hospitals Primary care centers, e.g., outpatient, neighborhood center Long-term care centers Nursing homes Rehab centers Mental health clinics Orthopedic centers Physician group practices Physicians solo practices Identify a healthcare quality management criterion that is measurable. Once you decide on the organization, identify a healthcare professional from this organization who you can communicate with to critique your project and provide recommendations. Develop a brief project outline. This outline briefly describes how you will conduct an analysis on the chosen organization’s quality management criterion, and how and when you will use your healthcare professional for critiques or recommendations in the next three weeks. Measurement: How is the organization currently measuring your selected criterion? Assessment: What data would you like to see collected to determine if the organization is meeting its expectations concerning the criterion? Improvement: Recommend how the organization can improve performance on the criterion.

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Healthcare Organization
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