Higher Education Law

Six-page Reflection Paper – Discuss four key areas that you have chosen (the four key areas listed below) in Higher educational  Law, showing your knowledge base in those topics, your practical experience, and your reflection as to what theories or models work or do not work. Expand your discussion with at least 10 recent references outside of the textbook. The paper should be at least six double-spaced pages (12 pt. Times New Roman font) APA7. This artifact is designed to go in the Higher Ed Admin competencies. Follow carefully the guidelines of the reflection paper rubric.The four key areas are;1.    Legal Planning and Dispute Resolution2.    The College’s Authority and Liability3.    Employment Discrimination4.    Affirmative ActionAfter writing five pages about these four you need to write the fifth paper about how competency, which is shown below, is related.CompetencyHigher Education administration requires theoretical knowledge and practical application in the following core competencies:Leadership and Organizational Development Competencies: This cluster of competencies addresses the organizational aspects of Higher Education,focusing on the achievement of goals and programs that make colleges and universities an educational enterprise.You need to relate this competency; (Legal and policy issues—HigherEducation administration applies and understands the scope of a legal and policy structure appropriate for their field) to the overall information for the reflection paper.The first reference isThe Law of Higher Education: Student Version 6th Edition, by William A. Kaplin, Barbara A. Lee, Neal H. Hutchens, and Jacob H. Rooksby, published by Jossey-Bass; 6th Edition (March 17, 2020)Add at least 10 recent references (between 2016 -2020).The textbook is in the attachment and the rubric also.

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Higher Education Law
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