Implementation of New Systems

Information is listed below. Can this please be created in PowerPoint with speaker notes included. Implementation of New Systems Student Name Institution Affiliation Overview •System implementation is the systems development life cycle (SDLC) fifth phase. •It involves applying documentation, testing, development, data conversion, training, post-implementation, system change over, and evaluation of results. •Decisions have to be reached on the system operations and the need for a new system. •Staff have to learn and integrate the workflow. •It gives a useful explanation of the expected rationale behind the ROI, predicted efficiencies to be gained, and necessary elements that will help understand the new system’s reason. Loading… Objectives •Explaining the importance of software and the system quality assurances. •Explaining the important to understand usability, configurability, and interoperability. •Understanding the relationship between these concepts and the underlining cost of the new system. • Understanding the characteristics that are important to consider when selecting a team. •Understanding the meaning of the “lead with culture, determining where the resistance is,” and then, engage all levels of employees principles. Cont. •Understanding how to handle physicians and other vital professionals’ resistance to change and use the new system. •Identifying the possible pitfalls during the implementation phase and how you can avoid them. •Describing personal experience with automation and new information systems. Loading… Importance of software and the system quality assurances •Quality system and software quality assurance are essential in defining and measuring software process adequacy. •Provides evidence that enables to establish system productivity confidence (Leonard-Barton & Kraus, 2016). •Enables understanding of suitability in the intended purpose quality. •The process helps in monitoring the system engineering processes. •It helps in ensuring the intended software to use in the system meets set standards. •Helps to ensure conformance to the set models or standards. Cont. •The quality assurance will help meet the commitments, goals, abilities, commitments, measurements, validations, and verifications. •These helps in focusing on the quality developments, validations, verifications, and maintenance processes. •Quality assurance will help perform the internal audits and ensure how the company will meet or exceed the quality metrics The importance of understand usability, configurability, and interoperability •Usability ••Helps in understanding if the system user-friendly, cumbersome of if it inhibits users ability. •Observes completing efficiency at the use of related usability. •Applies efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction, where specific tasks can be achieved in particular environments. •Helps in defining intuitiveness, mistakes forgiveness, and allowing performance of necessary tasks with minimum mental efforts. •In clinical setup, usability will help in productivity, clinician satisfaction, patients safety, profitability, and clinicians burnout. Cont. •Configurability •It Is easier to implements and maintaining compared to separate platforms. •It helps to ensure performance analysis and management of risks using consistent and comparable data. •A single system will help in avoiding errors of analysis that are associated with multiple systems. •Multiple systems are associated with an inconsistency approach related to calculated returns (Große-Rhode et al., 2014). •Eradicating errors offers accuracy, enhancing time and ensuring resources are not wasted Cont. •Interoperability •Enables bettering workflow and reducing ambiguities. •It allows the transferring of data among the systems and other stakeholders. •Intraoperative environments helps in the delivery of the best services. •It helps in ensuring there is an improvement in health care delivery. •It also helps ensure that data is available to the right people and at the right time. Understanding the relationship with the underlining cost of the new system •Understanding these concepts ensures there is maximum system utilization. •Ensure there are overall benefits for clients and end-users. •Ensures there is good data sharing that supports evidence-based practices. •These concepts thus need to outweigh the costs of the new system. •It helps in determining investment decisions and ascertaining its costs. •However, Stepwise explanation •For this case I would recommend a new system altogether. •New system is less costly to acquire •A new system will be more flexible •A new approach is more friendly in terms of security features. Loading… Characteristics that are important to consider when selecting a team. •These includes: •Traits: Involves consideration of the dominant characteristics, for instance, their responsibilities, self-control, and their level of guilt. •Knowledge and skills: These will refer to know-what and know-how. It will include interpersonal, job-specific, and personal management and skills. •Background: These will include the aspect of education and work related experiences. •Values: These will include consideration of the standards and principles that observes personal conduct that holds at their core. •Understanding a person’s value will help provide the best insights that will help in performance and engagements. “Lead with culture, determining where the resistance is.” •In this case, most of the employees are conversant with the expected changes. •Employees have the best knowledge on the information technology advancements. •Those who are conversant will help in making others follow. •Reluctant employees will be motivated by managers, other physicians, administrations, and the nurse in charge of the implementation. •Additionally, it helps employees do away with change fear and allow departments to be productive. How to handle resistance to change and using the new system. •Educating all involved stakeholders and helping the accept the change. •Giving room for timely and accurate feedback to help employees question the implementation or new system. •Computer expert and trainee need to be made available to help in teaching and helping employee understand how the system is working. •Company representatives will being a position to answer questions during implementation time and help resolve any issues associated with the system. •System well implemented will help in reducing time and use the software improve patient care. Possible pitfalls during the implementation phase and ways to avoid. •Choosing the wrong systems or software. • Having no plan for the implementation. •Lack of training to employees before making the system into use. •Possible ways to avoid includes: •Ensuring the system has HIPAA compliance •Compliance with IT regulations in the health set up and government policies. •System user needs to adopt the new ways of the system. •New system should targets on eliminating old ways and work towards upgrading. Personal experience with Automation and New Information Systems. •New systems are in terms of the cyber spaces. •My various personal experiences includes on the: •Patient visits databases- it helps solve the challenge associated with the information of the children (Stewart et al., 2018). •Employee analytics: the automation excel in wading deep pools on the critical insights out of data pull. •Hiring process: Observes most critical and toughest business tasks that help in shifting applications. •Help desk employees support: They are going to people for enhancing technical assistance and supports that relate to computer software, hardware, and computer systems. References •Große-Rhode, M., Hilbrich, R., Mann, S., & Weißleder, S. (2014). Achieving Quality in Customer-Configurable Products. Relating System Quality and Software Architecture, 233–261. •Leonard-Barton, D., & Kraus, W. A. (2016, August). Implementing New Technology. Harvard Business Review. •Stewart, J., Sprivulis, P., & Dwivedi, G. (2018). Artificial intelligence and machine learning in emergency medicine. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 30(6), 870–874.

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Implementation of New Systems
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