Improving Relationships in A Team

Working on a team can be challenging. Often times, when teams come together, there is conflict. Conflict results from a number of issues.For the purpose of this discussion forum, pretend that you are the newly hired HR Manager for Organization ABC. Within the HR Department, there is a team of eight professionals who work together to carry out all HR related functions (e.g., training, development, compensation, benefits, performance management, legal). These eight individuals have a long tenure at Organization ABC and have been working together for the past seven years, on various projects. While these individuals produce quality work, there are many problems that have occurred among members of the team. In order to improve team relations, do the following:Explain how you would build rapport with your new team.Analyze how you could assess what is going on, in terms of team problems.Explain what strategies and interventions you might use to improve relationships among members of the team. Specifically, justify why the two to three strategies/interventions selected are the best option given the situation presented.

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Improving Relationships in A Team
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