Inflation reduces the purchasing power of a dollar

1.      All-risk Homeowner insurance policies protect against loss caused by
       a. Fire
       b. Flood
       c. Earthquake
       d. All the above

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2.      The best method of comparing credit cost is the

a.      Rule of 78s.

b.     Finance charge and the APR.

c.      Declining balance method

d. Add-on and adjusted balance method 

3.      An investor who wants a tax-free investment would choose a(n) ____________ fund.

a.       balanced

b.      income

c.       sector

d.    municipal bond

4.      A document that prospective mutual fund investors receive is called a(n)

a.       SEC report.

b.      load fund report.

c.       index fund report.

d.      prospectus.


1.      Inflation reduces the purchasing power of a dollar (T/F?)



2.      Education level is a major influence on person’s potential earning power (T/F?)



3.      Renting your place of residents has several financial benefits (T/F?)



4.      Financial Risks are associated with the purchase of a home (T/F?)



5.      The weighted average cost of capital should be used as the discount rate for average risk projects (T/F?)