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Sign in – o x Share Comments 18. Reggie was hosting a BBQ when the deck fell off his house. Several of his friends were hurt in the accident. Luckily for Reggie he has coverage on his home owner’s insurance. a. personal articles b. loss of use c. personal liability d. none of the above 19. What are the two ways to calculate your life insurance needs? (2) 20.

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What are the two major types of life insurance? (2) 21. What are the 2 main types of health insurance? (2) 22. What is a deductible? 23. What are the 3 types of coverage that must be provided by your health insurance? (3) 24. What two types of health insurance options does the book consider optional? (2) 25. What does an 80/20 co-insurance provision mean?

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