interest rates – discussion | Business & Finance homework help

Many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments.

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interest rates – discussion | Business & Finance homework help
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Before you begin the Discussion, you should have completed your assigned Reading. Please take this opportunity to consider the subject under discussion and formulate a response that answers all of the questions and fully demonstrates your understanding of the topic. To illustrate your knowledge, please take time to provide evidence that shows how you formulated your answers by citing sources to justify your response.


Negotiation is a soft skill that might just be one of the most important skills you will ever learn. For this Discussion you will need to view the videos below to prepare for the rest of the Assignment.

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MonkeySee. (2009, August 5). Powerful Negotiating Techniques. Retrieved from 

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Now that you have a little information about how to negotiate, first discuss three concepts that interested you from the videos. Then describe a situation in which you recognized that you entered into a negotiation with another person. How did this go for you?

If it went well, describe the tactics you used that contributed to the success of the negotiation.

If it did not go well discuss the issues you now recognize that caused this outcome. Remember that negotiation should be a win-win situation.

Now go practice this skill and return later in the week to discuss the skills you learned by telling us about the situation, other than purchasing an automobile,the actual negotiation that took place, and how what you learned contributed to your ability to effect an outcome.